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Cylon Attack On Board Pacifica

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 17, 2007

Today at approximately 1.00pm an attack was launched by the Cylons ON BOARD the Battlestar Pacifica.

This attack was thwarted but there were shots exchanged and the Cylons were prevented from their apparent aim of taking control of the vessel. Unable to gain an official quote I was able to ascertain that there were several casualties and fortunately no losses. Of those injured most were superficial. One being more seriously injured – underwent emergency surgery and is now in a stable condition.

It is not known how the Cylon Centurions came to be aboard the Pacifica, but it was thought to be a boarding party. Is this a one off attack? Or a worrying new form of attack by the Cylons?

One thing brought to light by this attack was the shortage of medical personnel throughout the fleet. I myself having trained as a nurse a long time ago was called up to assist in sick bay. So I call on all those reading this article, if you are a Dr, or a Medic, please register your medical training with Civilian Services so that you might be called upon to help when necessary.

Of the injured I encountered in the sick bay, I can say that I have never met a braver group of men and women, the one thing on all of their minds was ‘getting back out there’ and returning to their posts.

Our military need your help at times like these, and without our military we would be in a very sorry position.

HexxKitten Soleil

The News-Review


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