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Staring Death in the Big Red Eye!

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 16, 2007

I got a chance to talk to some of the brave Colonial Warriors today and honestly was amazed at what they go through and yet still return to the pilot’s seat. Sazuka Yoshikawa was shot down today…her Viper destroyed…floating in space. She was lucky to have ejected yes…but what happened then was incredible. The Raider who shot her down came back. Not to finish her off…but to look into her eyes. It hung there, watched her, watched like it knew her. And watched the space for her rescuers. It was finally chased away or destroyed. But her story was not the only one like this…I hear they are all different. Like each one has a separate personality. What exactly are we fighting? These are not the Raiders of 40 years ago….

But what we all must ask ourselves… we have the same courage the the Warriors do? No we are not in the “hot seat” but every day…we look death in its Big Red Eye…do we have the courage?

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review


3 Responses to “Staring Death in the Big Red Eye!”

  1. Unknown source said

    Oh man ! What next ? Haunts and spooks ? Spectres ans Spirits ? The ghosts of fallen comrades flaoting out the launch tubes ? Get real !

  2. Slow But Sure said

    Without in any way wishing to demean Lt. Yoshikawa’s testimony I do suggest that a fawlty ratio of gases in her O2 supply could have caused a slight hallucination, or perhaps some sleepiness in between her ejecting and getting rescued. I find it extremely unlikely that machines would have developed a personality to the point where they want to look an adversary in the eye. It sounds ridiculous to me.

  3. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em said

    I was there, and heard her describe it on the radio as it happened. And I believe it too…

    Why should the raider kill her off? Do you know how many others of us were shot up trying to get a Raptor to Sazuka? My Viper was hanging by a thread after waveing off the raiders that were buzzing all around that Raptor and Saz; it would be a complete write-off in peacetime, but we have to make to with what we have and I’m sure I’ll be flying that one again sometime, totally patched up with hardly any original bit still in it.

    Bottom line, she was worth much more to them as a live bait than a dead body. Thank the gods we got her out.

    Anyway, I think it’s pretty clear to us pilots that the raiders don’t share the same programming. Some are more experienced, some less, some apparently take chances, others don’t, some instill fear in our hearts when we’re facing them out there by being everywhere at once and always coming out of nowhere… and others are just turkeys waiting n line to be shot down. Having personalities is, well, a way to put it, I guess. Not sure if it applies to fraking machines, though.

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