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President Vargas Issues a Statement

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 16, 2007

This just in from President Vargas…


I bring a message of hope and assurance to you, the people of the colonies. Many of our citizens have been located and have been brought to safety aboard our vessels. Our fine military personnel, under the experienced direction of Commander Nephilim, have been highly contributive to the rescue efforts — as well as keeping us all safe from continuing Cylon attacks. While we all grieve for those who have been lost, we should remember and be proud of the unity, perseverance, and positive efforts that have been, and are regularly, shown by all of our citizens. We work together, as only humans are able, to the good and welfare of all of humanity. People are returning to their civilian positions, order is being restored, and our laws and protocols, which have served us well, stand. It is a time to look forward. It is time to rebuild our civilization and our numbers.

=:: So Say We All ::=
=:: Zarta Vargas, President ::=

This reporter agrees….it is time to look forward.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review


One Response to “President Vargas Issues a Statement”

  1. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em said

    Many of our citizens have been located and have been brought to safety aboard our vessels.”

    What the frak kind of statement is that? How many are “many”? Billions? Millions? Oh, wait… it’s just us, a few lucky tens of thousands.

    So… are writing off all the rest of the people in the twelve colonies, is that it? What the frak kind of decision is that? What does it say of us as a race when we just want to quit, pack it up for the day and leave most of our children, men and women behind to die slowly of radiation poisening? Is it even worth it to keep going? Do we even deserve to survive as a civilization if we do that?

    And don’t tell what is fraking rational or isn’t, I’m sick of that argument… we’re human beings here, not logical machines without emotions. I’d rather end it while I’m still a human too, and not close the chapter by turning into a wannabe toaster that is too fraking jaded to have feelings anymore. Those are our homes back there, the colonies. They need us.

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