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Elected or Appointed?

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 15, 2007

Again this reporter was handed a press release from Capri Caprbetta.

** URGENT PRESS RELEASE FROM CAPRI CAPRBETTA, True PRESIDENT of the colonial survivors. Citizens, on Aug.11, alleged President Zarta Vargas said the President should be the person supported by the people. Therefore I am stating clearly that with Ms. Vargas, who is a scientist, not an elected official as I am, with her as President we the people are more or less under a Military Dictatorship as Vargas essentially takes her directions from Pacifica commander Nephilim. We must not allow ourselves to be ruled by the military. Therefore I call on the public to call for Vargas to step aside as I , the elected Quorum of the 12 Leader of Caprica am the highest ranking Gov, Official. Vargas has also no plan for the people. I have a 4 point plan to get humanity running again, this plan is the ECONOMY,PUBLIC WORKS,HEALTH CARE,EDUCATION. With me as president we move from a Military Dictatorship under Vargas, to me a proven leader with a plan who follows the Articles of Confederation, seemingly thrown out by Vargas.

From what this reporter understands….the laws are quite clear in this situation. President Vargas should rightfully be the President. The law does not take into account anything other than a line of succession. With that said…were the laws written with this in mind? And right now do we have a system of law? The Quorum of Twelve is actually a Quorum of One. The entire government consist of one official and some aids. The military is one Commander and those under her.

Clearly when the laws were written, this situation was not in mind…but do we throw them all out, some out, or none out? Personally this reporter feels we throw none out. We keep the laws we have and use them. Now is not the time to pick and choose. We reestablish the government and the Quorum and have elections as soon as possible.

We must have laws and we must have equal representation…without either, we will not have Humanity!

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review


3 Responses to “Elected or Appointed?”

  1. Commander Nephilim said

    The statement that the Presidency is a puppet of a mere Battlestar Commander is lunacy. The President constantly reminds me of the needs of the civilian fleet having equal importance if not taking precedence over military operations. Madam President is most assuredly not taking orders from me as accused by her challenger. This kind of political infighting is counterproductive in the situation we find ourselves in. It only speaks to self aggrandizement and power grabbing. President Vargas was legitimately placed according to both the rules of succession and the Case Orange protocols. If the intent is truly to work for the people, then I urge all political figures to work together for the betterment of those people..the last remaining, extant humans.

  2. Not sold said

    Ugh… I know I feel better with a President in power who can actually string a sentence together. These “press releases,” probably cooked up in a makeshift office on the mining ship (where the tyllium fumes aren’t properly exhausted) read like the rantings of a bitter, jealous wacko.

    A concerned Colonial

  3. Starbuckk Serapis said

    It is regrettable that Ms Carbetta, as the lone surviving member of the Quorum, cannot see the greater responsibility that lies before her. She sees only what benefits her personally, yet right in front of her is one of the most important needs that lies before us all in restoration of our democracy.

    But to do so would require her to throw her support behind the people and the President. For the good OF the people.

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