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Maintenance records from Pacifica exonerate Zuhal

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 14, 2007

FLASH – Battlestar Pacifica

Exhaustive interviews and cross-checking against legacy and current maintenance records aboard Pacifica have led to a dismissal of all pending charges against Specialist Sim Zuhal. Celestra captain Starbuckk Serapis was apparently unaware of an open Celestra work order, issued by Pacifica leadership and uncovered during their internal investigation, which sufficiently explains Zuhal’s presence on Celestra before the attacks. Said Serapis, “In the absence of evidence pointing to sabotage, I recommend returning Mr. Zuhal to active duty.”

A fitting end to a a difficult situation — but those who would question the initial suspicion may wish to see the quartermaster to be fitted for blinders, which will most certainly protect them from undue anxiety in the present crisis.

The fact remains, spies have infiltrated the Fleet (and maybe even Pacifica). As the President herself has stated, there is no other explanation for the depth of information which must have been available to the Cylons for a massacre of this scope to have occurred. Granting favors and blind eyes to friends and bedfellows will lead to more pain, more anguish, and more destruction at the hands of a ruthless enemy.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


2 Responses to “Maintenance records from Pacifica exonerate Zuhal”

  1. Slow But Sure said

    I can believe spies among the Fleet. But spies in Pacifica? What exactly would they spy here? We are in an old ship, with rusty Vipers and Raptors. We are a flight school. Just what juicy bits of intel would a spy gather here? None, I say.

    I refuse to keep looking over my shoulder. I do>/i> trust every single one of the people aboard the Battlestar.

  2. Unknown source said


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