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Update: Zuhal apprehended; civilian injured aboard Pacifica

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 13, 2007

FLASH — 7th Heaven

Specialist Sim Zuhal was taken into custody yesterday evening, escorted from the lounge on 7th Heaven to Pacifica for questioning. Asked about his whereabouts before the attacks, Zuhal insisted he had tended to the mechanical difficulties aboard Celestra and had returned to Pacifica directly, in order to begin a duty shift at 1430 hours. A comprehensive investigation is underway, including seeking testimony from corroborating witnesses.

In other news, Heartbreakers pilot Samael Enigma is currently serving a one-week sentence in the brig for using force against a civilian while discharging her duties. “He reached inside his coat, and could have been going for a gun,” said Enigma from the brig.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


3 Responses to “Update: Zuhal apprehended; civilian injured aboard Pacifica”

  1. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em said

    Bah, Ensign Enigma’s out already! Did, what, like 12 hours in the brig, if that?

    That’s military discipline for you… or at least that’s military discipline for those that are old friends of the higher ranks.

    I’ll be sure to remind them of this case if I even punch the CAG square in the face too; the gods know he could use it. Wouldn’t do me much though, I think. I’d probably get one month in the brig, and serve at least half that time. Who said life was fair?

  2. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em said

    Oh, and get your facts straight… she was in the brig because she hit the CAG (hopefully in the balls, too), not because she wasted some lowly civilian skulking about the Pacifica without a pass or any sort of permission.

    And Sim, man, we’re rooting for you. We need every deckhand we can get; need to get that starboard pod fixed so we can get back in fighting shape and get back to the colonies.

  3. Unknown source said

    Besides: in a situation like ours , do we want a person who can spell CAPRICA with bullet holes on the target in the brig ?

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