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Specialist Sim Zuhal still sought for questioning

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 12, 2007

FLASH — Celestra

In response to an earlier News-Review report, an investigation is underway aboard Pacifica as to the true identity and motivations of the person purported to be Petty Officer 3rd Class Sim Zuhal. Regular readers will recall he was aboard Celestra immediately before the attacks, disappeared ostensibly to tend to mechanical difficulties, and has not been seen since.

President Vargas has requested immediate contact, to herself or Commander Nephilim, from any individuals in the Colonial Fleet who encounter Specialist Zuhal or have information as to his whereabouts and allegiances. The News-Review adds our assistance to the search, as well — any reports passed to a News-Review reporter will be immediately relayed to the President.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


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