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Shock and awe: Vargas speaks, as Fleet neutralizes lone Raider

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 12, 2007

7TH HEAVEN, August 12 — I had the opportunity to speak with President Vargas yesterday evening regarding the Colonial attacks — her first opportunity to publicly reflect on the events. It will be of comfort to many in the fleet to know that she, too, still struggles to process the enormity of our collective loss.

“I don’t like to question people’s intentions — I would hope, especially at this time, that we can trust one another,” said President Vargas. “However, the Cylons must have somehow gotten critical information about our infrastructure. And that means one or more of our own kind gave it to them.”

A shocking revelation: spies in our own fleet. And, as far as this reporter can tell, no manner with which to identify them, or distinguish them from patriotic Colonial citizens. One hopes the President, our former Secretary of Science, plans to pursue every experimental — and diplomatic — avenue toward separating the good folk from the toaster-lovers?

As we spoke (ironically, about issues of safety and security), Captain Halberd of 7th Heaven remained in constant contact with military and civilian officials; within moments of its sighting, Viper squadrons identified and contained a single Raider which had jumped into the area, presumably to perform reconnaissance on the Fleet. As a precaution, the Fleet jumped out of the area shortly thereafter.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


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