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Armored transport Raider sighted during patrols

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 12, 2007

BATTLESTAR PACIFICA, 12 August — Despite intermittent DRADIS performance due to heavy radiation in the area, Pacifica‘s crew have apparently sighted another new Cylon Raider in operation against Colonial forces. In addition to the single-pilot model used predominantly in the attacks two days ago, pilots and deck crew have confirmed the existence of a “heavy Raider,” apparently more heavily armed and reinforced, capable of carrying numerous Cylon troops.

Military forces are understandably reluctant to release details about the heavy Raider, but Lieutenant Julian Slade agreed to make this comment for the News-Review: “I sighted it near the lead Cylon Basestar, during the attack. It’s bigger than the other Raiders, heavy and slow…but damn, it’s got afterburners.” He continued, speculating “It’s probably a troop carrier. I mean, they need them too, right? To land troops on the ground, carry supplies, or whatever?”

Asked about air superiority in light of this new discovery, it’s clear that the military is confident that the Raider is a manageable threat. “We neutralized it before it even got within visual range of the fleet,” added Lieutenant Marcus Perry.

More information on the new heavy Raider will follow, as it becomes available.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


One Response to “Armored transport Raider sighted during patrols”

  1. Copper Princess said

    Oh My ! Does this mean they can board us anytime ? Are the enough Marines left to protect us on the civilian ships ? This is scaring me…

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