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Suspicious presence aboard Celestra just before attacks

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 11, 2007

CELESTRA, 11 August — With rumors swirling of religiously-oriented factions surfacing within the fleet (and perhaps bearing some responsibility for planning the attacks on the Colonies? Too many questions still remain to be sure about this), survivors and refugees within the fleet cannot help but look askance at one another.

To quote Security officer Melandra Brown, with whom I observed the attacks on Pacifica from the deck of the Celestra yesterday, “It’s far too early to start assigning blame.” I wish I had her sense of rational, guarded optimism that this hell we’ve entered into in the last 24 hours will reach a reasonable conclusion — but she has a point. I urge all readers of the News-Review to avoid pointing fingers at fellow crew and passengers, labeling each other “Cylon sympathizers” or “religious wackos.” We are a single fleet, and we are all in this together.

At the same time, I feel duty-bound to report a suspicious presence on Celestra yesterday, and make the fleet aware that the individual involved has, thus far, failed to resurface. A Pacifica deck hand, Petty Officer/Specialist Sim Zuhal, accompanied then-Secretary of Science Vargas, Officer Brown and myself aboard Celestra — and mysteriously disappeared just prior to the attacks. Reportedly leaving the bridge to tend to mechanical difficulties below decks, he never re-emerged on Celestra and hasn’t been seen, at least by this reporter, since. Specialist Zuhal, if you are out there and reading this, I urge you to step forward and explain your unanticipated — and somewhat illogical — presence on Celestra, followed by your mysterious and suspiciously-timed disappearance.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


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