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President Vargas responds to challenge by Carbetta

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 11, 2007

FLASH — 7th Heaven

Encountered while boarding a shuttle to Celestra from 7th Heaven, President Vargas has issued an impromptu statement with regard to Capri Carbetta’s claims yesterday evening disputing the legitimacy of her presidency.

“Ms. Carbetta and I have communicated, and I am aware of her claims,” said President Vargas, who initially refused to elaborate. When pressed on the question of whether she would step aside if public sentiment demanded it, President Vargas said, “I am the President, and I serve according to the will of my people. Should another leader be called upon, I would hope he or she would act similarly, in the best interests of her citizens.”

A diplomatic and poised response, rhetorically flawless — but only time will tell if President Vargas is more disturbed by this challenge than she has initially let on.

Dean Steadham
The News-Review


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