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Historic first meeting: Vargas and Nephilim

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 11, 2007

What follows are this reporter’s impressions, supported by excerpts of the News-Review’s official transcript wherever possible, of the first post-attack summit between newly sworn-in Colonial President Zarta Vargas and Colonial Commander Angelica Nephilim. With the destruction of the Atlantia and the presumed death of Admiral Nagala, Commander Nephilim is assumed to be the highest-ranking military official remaining after the brutal Cylon massacre.

As has been reported here, Pacifica took heavy damage during the attacks (according to the Commander, a breach in the starboard flight pods and a large-scale generator explosion), making Pacifica an unsuitable meeting place. Thus, the meeting was hosted by Captain Tanya Halberd of 7th Heaven and held in her private quarters.



Photo: Commander Nephilim briefs President Vargas on the status of the fleet, aboard 7th Heaven.


President Vargas: “Can you give me a report, commander? What is the status of the fleet, and how should we proceed?”

Commander Nephilim: “We monitored incoming reports. The first indicated that Fleet HQ at Picon was destroyed, and that command had been transferred to Admiral Nagala on Atlantia. The final messages we got were an indication of most of the fleet having been destroyed, including Atlantia, then a mysterious garbled message from Galactica. There was a lot of jamming from around Caprica, and we could not get a better fix on it.”

PV: “So we must assume that we are, indeed, all that are left of humanity. Do we have a count of our population?”

CN: “A complete survey hasn’t been made at this time. My pilots bought time for a few shuttles worth of refugees to reach our ships, and retrieved a small number of nuclear munitions from Aquaria base to use against the Cylons.”

PV: “As soon as is practical, I would like to know our numbers and have a report of our provisions. Do you know the location(s) of the Cylon forces at this time?”

Captain Halberd: “7th Heaven is fully stocked with food and provisions, since we were prepared for the conference delegation.”

PV: “That may suffice for a while; but we must distribute the provisions appropriately among the fleet. Commander, may I ask that you locate additional sources?”

Recognizing that one ship full of provisions will be insufficient to feed and shelter the as-yet-unnumbered mob of refugees among us, Colonial Marines and additional security have been deployed to 7th Heaven to guard the limited supplies. Meanwhile, Pacifica‘s pilots are hard at work orchestrating supply search runs and — apparently — categorizing the supplies as they are located.

This reporter hopes the military will remember the rest of the fleet, when it comes to dishing out much-needed supplies.

Dean Steadham
Editor, The News-Review


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