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Hear the screeching of a Cat-Fight!

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 11, 2007

I was just handed this exclusive…

URGENT PRESS RELEASE: I am Capri Carbetta, of the quorum of 12, leader of Caprica. My ship with its citizens has barely escaped the attack but managed to make a late FTL jump to catch up to the fleet. I am the highest ranking ELECTED official of our survivors. We are in emergency times and order must be restored. Therefore a scientist appointee Zarta Vargas has taken the presidency wrongfully. You cant expect a scientist to do MY job. I was elected as leader of Caprica, the seat of Government,. for a reason. I am a true leader and by right should be the president. I am requesting that all survivors support my LEGITIMATE AND LEGAL claim to the presidency.

In what is just hours after the possible destruction of most of Humanity, Capri Carbetta challenges Zarta Vargas for the role of Pesident. Last night I saw President Vargas and was uplifted by her resolve. Her words were that of courage and holding strong. Never did she seem to waver. I know nothing of the elected leader of Caprica, Ms. Carbetta, but being a career politician one has to wonder.

For now, this reporter will sit back and watch the cat-fight and wonder if more than just the cats will get hurt.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
The News-Review


2 Responses to “Hear the screeching of a Cat-Fight!”

  1. Unknown source said

    Damn the politicians !!! We are at war ! It is not the time for political infighting.

  2. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em said

    I agree; let ’em all rot! The commander of the Pacifica needs to step up and take charge, martial law all these politians into submission or preferably a military brig. It’s the time for true action, not fake words.

    Commander Nephilim, sir, if you ever read this… The crew wants you to know that we’re all counting on you, sir. We know you will lead us back to the colonies when you feel we’re back in fighting shape; we are all prepared to do our duty for the people sir there, sir, no matter what the ultimate cost turns out to be. Some of us might be fearful, but we’re no cowards. We stand ready, just awaiting your command. So say we all.

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