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Vargas takes oath of office aboard Celestra

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 10, 2007

FLASH – Celestra/Colonial One

With hers the sole response to the coded status request for Government officials following the apparent Cylon attack, Science Secretary Zarta Vargas took the oath of office aboard the Celestra (now christened Colonial One). In her first comments after taking the oath, President Vargas echoed her longstanding dismay and suspicion surrounding the Cylon project, intimating that humanity’s chickens had finally come home to roost.

Death tolls from the Colonies are slow in coming… but they will be staggering. This reporter has to wonder whether anyone remains to read these words.

Asked about retaliatory strikes, President Vargas deferred further comment until formal discussions with Commander Nephilim had taken place.

Photo: Starbuckk Serapis, civilian Captain of the Celestra, administers the Colonial Oath of Office to President Vargas.


It seems I’ve filed my final report for the Picon Star Tribune. Goodbye, my homeworld, my family… and may the Gods be with you.

Dean Steadham
Editor, The News-Review


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