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Drinks all around!

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 10, 2007

After my fellow reporter got to view the flight operations, I had the pleasure of seeing the crew during some down time aboard the 7th Heaven.  It was most satisfying to be able to see the officers and crew of the Pacifica mingle with the civilian crews.   As more and more chairs were pulled around the table, things became quite relaxed.  Kalah, a Viper pilot thrilled us all with her excellant skills on the piano.  The captain of the 7th and of the Celestra eventually joined us as the Pacifica’s Commander let down her hair a little and a to be nameless pilot (Smoke) drank a bit in excess.  I sensed no tension between the military and civilian crews.  I guess it just shows everyones professionalism on and off duty.  But even among the merriment, conversation turned to something more serious.  Veronica, a Freyja’s Daughter and the subject of an earlier interview, sat with the group and spoke of disturbing visions.  While some of the group pressed her for details, others talked of their non-religious views. She spoke of a vision of a great war and seeing dead Colonial warriors floating in a see of stars and of metal birds leading some away.  Untimately she left frustrated with the military not taking her warning seriously and conversation quickly turned back to the earlier days drills. As I left the laughter and drinking continued…who knows how long into the night.

This reporter raises a glass to the military and civilians that much of the Colonies takes for granted.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
Caprica Times


2 Responses to “Drinks all around!”

  1. Unknown source said

    With what has happened today, one might start to wonder if those religion wacos knew something the rest of us didn’t. We might wanna keepa close eye on them…

  2. Smoke 'em if ya got 'em said

    Frak! So many apocaliptic prophecies and visons by religious nuts, one of them had to turn out half-right some day… 😦

    But I don’t believe in traitors selling out their entire race, no. That’s just too fraked up to even consider. Still, I would put all these wackos in the brig before it all gets out of control… people will turn to all sorts of beliefs in these desperate times, and we have a war to win.

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