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Fleet defenses nearing ship-shape

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 9, 2007

BATTLESTAR PACIFICA, 09 August — A rare opportunity was afforded me today, again courtesy of Colonial military leadership: a self-guided tour of Pacifica‘s hangar bay and an opportunity to walk amongst her pilots and deck crew during routine practice maneuvers. Moving at times with the measured precision of a Sagittarian time-piece and at others with the all-elbows giddiness of a college fraternity, the Heartbreakers Viper squadron embody the strength and energy that keeps the Twelve Colonies free.

The good news: Drills are proceeding with minimal delay and only infrequent error, as far as I was able to observe. The occasional scrubbed launch is to be expected — that particular pilot will never again mistakenly fire her engines while still in the launch tube, I daresay — but Pacifica‘s ability to launch four alert fighters in less time than it took to type this paragraph bodes well for the Colonies, in any future military action.

Though they must oversee the proceedings with grim, tight-lipped efficiency, Pacifica‘s officers are not without their humanity. Darsh “Rainy” Lucero, Pacifica‘s CAG, runs a tight ship — of that, there is no question. At first taking unkindly to a reporter with a vidcam strolling amongst his charges, he was as difficult to shake as a case of space flu (and, truth be told, equally charismatic on film). But give him credit for a sense of humor. Any CAG who makes himself the butt of a reporter’s jokes in front of his pilots, veterans and nuggets alike, must know something about keeping himself and his brethren sane in the darkest depths of space. Perhaps the Major will, at some point in the future, take this reporter up on my request for an interview…but for now, I’ll settle for walking off the deck with my press credentials intact.

Dean Steadham
Staff Reporter, Picon Star Tribune
(on assignment)

Photo: The Pacifica’s all-purpose transit shuttle photographed from 7th Heaven.



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