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Is trouble brewing?

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 8, 2007

Yesterday this reporter was approached by an individual (who asked to keep her identity a secret).  She asked for a tour of 7th Heaven and we had the pleasure of a shuttle ride together….what I did not know at the time was her motivation to get me alone and share her story.  The conversation and tour started quite normal then turned to a more sinister and darker side.  For you see this woman is one of Freyja’s Daughters.  At the time it meant little to me, not having recalled the name, but as the now interview progressed, things were becoming quite apparant.  Freyja’s Daughters (after doing some research on my own) turn out to be a group of religious fanaticals, almost militant in their expression.  Freyja being a Norse goddess of fertility, love, beauty, and attraction. Freyja was also a goddess of war, death, magic, prophecies and wealth. 

This individual began talking about the current administrations view on allowing abortion and she soon became quite vocal against it.  She spoke of Freyja’s hand in guiding our lives and how the administration is using its power to guide us when it should be Freyja.  When I asked her about the Lords of Kobol was when the interview got really heated.  Her voice turned to almost a scream cursing the administration for its acceptance of the heratic Lords.  My interview was cut short as someone approached us and she calmed and excused herself, still leaving this reporter with many questions.

She is obviously here because of the conference.  How will she have her voice heard?  Are there more Daughters among us?  Will her / their protest escallate as she did in our interview?  And to what point?

 Daughter I know you are reading this….find me again.

D’Anna Biers (Dollwife Pink)
Caprica Times



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