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EXCLUSIVE: Cmdr. Nephilim speaks on Galactica’s sendoff

Posted by Fleet News Service on August 7, 2007

BATTLESTAR PACIFICA, 07 August — In case you hadn’t noticed, there’s a great deal of preparation underway for the final decommissioning of the Battlestar Galactica, scheduled for this Friday. And with it, a key piece of Colonial military history fades into oblivion, with nary a whisper from the Colonial citizens whose livelihoods are owed, at least in part, to the rancorous cry of her artillery cannon.

Since the end of the Cylon Wars, few outside of the military have probably paid much attention to the Battlestars: mammoth ships that provide not only armament and forceful protection to the Colonies and outposts in the galaxy, but also life-giving resources and medical support. Galactica is one of the oldest in the fleet, and most school children on Caprica (the colony for which she was designated, and which her crew was sworn to protect) have only seen her on vidscreens. But the crew of her fellow Battlestars hold the mighty Galactica in special esteem.

“It is a time of both honor and sadness for our sister ship,” said Pacifica‘s commander, Angelica Nephilim, from her CIC today. “It is an honor because the service that she and her sister ships — the original Battlestars — have performed is a very significant part of Colonial history. It is also something to be regretted, however, as our class [of Battlestars] passes into that same history.” She added, with a wry smile to this reporter, “It’s a better fate than the ship-breakers. This way, a piece of our legacy gets to live on.”

Indeed. If not in battle, there’s no more honorable way for Galactica to live out her days than as a public tribute to the heroism of our men and women in military service.

A side note: Thank you to Petty Officer (3rd Class) Sim Zuhal for tackling the mechanical challenge of a defective door aboard Pacifica, saving this reporter from a lengthier stay in the well-equipped Sickbay than I would have liked. One hopes such “accidental brigs” won’t be the norm aboard Pacifica — because even if her crew doesn’t like reporters much, the disdain is far from mutual.

Dean Steadham
Staff Reporter, Picon Star Tribune
(on assignment)


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